Workshop on peace, security and development

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Peace, security and development are today some of the world's most important themes to delve into in order to be involved and influence our common future. With a worsening security situation with, for example, the conflict between Israel and Hamas and Russia's war in Ukraine, it is perhaps more important than ever to clarify what we are actually talking about when we talk about peace and security, what these topics mean to us as individuals and how our approach can affect the government's actions in our surrounding world and here at home.

Tuesday, December 5 at 18.00-19.30 FUF Uppsala together with Swedish Peace's local group in Uppsala invites you to a workshop on peace, security and development at the study association Sensus in Uppsala.

Elsa Ewert and Linnéa Petersson from Swedish Peace's local group will hold the workshop where participants can discuss and reflect on what the concepts of peace, security and development include and mean to each of us. Perhaps there are different perceptions of the same concept? What kind of different outcomes can it give in each person's actions? How is it that we create different views of the same concept? Together we will be challenged in our ways of thinking and hopefully leave the evening with new insights and perspectives on what a sustainable and peaceful path forward looks like and how we can work preventively around these important issues.

The workshop will be held in Swedish. We will be in the Kungsängsliljan room at Sensu's office in Uppsala. Please note that you need to register via this link latest at 12.00 on the same day to participate. FUF Uppsala offers coffee!

Hope we see you there!

About the organizers

FUF Uppsala is a group of young people and students in Uppsala who, through our membership in FUF, strive to increase our own and others' knowledge of global injustices and challenges, with a focus on current world events and news. FUF Uppsala has previously organized lectures, panel discussions and clothing swaps, all with an ambition to increase knowledge, commitment and awareness.

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Association started in 1883 and has since strived to increase engagement and contribute to a more peaceful world. They are a religious and non-partisan non-profit organization. They work to support peacekeepers internationally as well as local peace organizations in conflict areas, as well as scrutinize decision makers. Their motto is to engage others and each other with heart and mind. Swedish Fred's local group in Uppsala is part of the association but is represented by Elsa Ewert and Linnéa Petersson.  

Sensus study association works to create meeting places for culture and education nationally. They work with relationships, life issues, rights issues and sustainability issues. Sensus collaborates with over 4000 associations, congregations, scout corps and organizations around Sweden and supports them in various ways, administratively and in terms of resources. In this event, Sensus is responsible for the venue. 

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