Voices from the world - What does the democratic situation look like in the world?

All reports point to the same thing - the democratic space is shrinking. How is the world doing when it comes to democratization? What is China's role and what is the US role with Biden as the new president? We have many questions about the situation in the world and have therefore invited Börje Ljunggren, who has devoted most of his professional life to Asia, where he was, among other things, ambassador to Vietnam in the 90s to further be ambassador to China. He has been Deputy Director General of Sida and Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Asia Department. Today he is, among other things, a senior employee at UI and an associate at Harvard's Asia Center, but above all he is an author, focusing on China, where he wrote the book “The Chinese Dream, for example. With the premise that "China gets" the third wave of autocratization "to grow in the world", FUF has with the help of Lennart Wohlgemuth who has extensive experience in both development and development issues and who is a former visiting professor of African Studies at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, for half an hour had a conversation with Börje Ljungren about how democracy in the world really feels, with a little extra focus on China, India and the USA.

Here you can read Börje's article in DN from 23 / 3- 2021 https://www.dn.se/kultur/borje-ljunggren-kina-far-autokratiseringens-tredje-vag-att-vaxa-i-varlden/

“Voices from The World” are voices from different parts of the world, with, for example, interviews with experts in different global areas or people who are in place in different countries, with us at FUF - the Association for Development Issues. FUF works to disseminate information on global issues such as human rights, the climate or peace and conflict in order to reach a more just and sustainable world.

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