What role should the UN play in the prevailing worldview?

How will the countries of the world be able to cope with the ongoing pandemic and at the same time avert other future or current threats such as climate crisis, food shortages, new pandemics and nationalist currents? In these matters, the UN is under strong pressure, but is also seen as part of the hope for the future by many. What role should the UN have in the work of rebuilding our societies after the pandemic? And what will Sweden's role be in this work? With this as a starting point, FUF continues to talk about both opportunities and limitations that await development issues, securing and enabling a peaceful world.

In a live broadcast with Carl Skau from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will discuss how the UN can work to maintain international stability through the established regulations for human rights. The conversation is moderated by FUF's board member  Lennart Well-being.

  • Carl Skau is Head of the Unit for UN Policy, Conflict and Humanitarian Affairs at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He has previously been Ministerial Councilor at the UN Representation in New York and then, with the position of Ambassador, coordinated Sweden's work in the Security Council. He has previously also served at e.g. EU Representation in Brussels and at the Embassy in Harare.

" What role should the UN take in the prevailing worldview?? " - can be seen as a contättning på earlier Call with Assistant Secretary General and Chief för UNDP Department för external relations, Ulrika Courageéis, as happened in våpure 2020, the conversation finds ni här.

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