What will be the UN's role in the development work post Covid-19?

FUF continues its work to dive deep into development issues and we now want to invite you to a digital morning talk about the UN's role in dealing with Covid-19 and the aftermath!

The UN, as a global coordinating body, is, like everything else, under strong pressure, but is also seen by many as part of the hope for the future. How will the UN get - and take - a role in this work and what might it look like? Its international regulations have for a long time facilitated processes for prosperity and peace in many of the countries of the world - how are we to maintain it after the pandemic? For example, with recent reports of increased radicalization in the shadow of Covid-19, how will the UN work to maintain international stability through the already established human rights acquis? And how should the countries of the world, in the process required to get us out of the crisis, also avert other threats that lurk in the future such as climate crisis, food shortages, new pandemics and nationalist currents?

Around this we have invited Ulrika Modéer, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the UNDP External Relations and Advocacy Department. In conversation with FUF's board member Lennart Wohlgemuth she will share her experiences and at the end of the conversation you also have the chance to ask Ulrika questions.

Ulrika Modéer is the highest-ranking Swede in the UN system and currently plays a central role in the UN's overall work to counteract Covid-19 and its negative effects on low- and middle-income countries. Ulrika was previously State Secretary to Sweden's Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate and also has experience from leading positions in civil society, both in Sweden and globally.

The call takes place via the Zoom platform, a link to the meeting comes with registration. Be sure to click on the link in good time before the meeting. Have you never used Zoom before and need instructions? Email matilda.andren@fuf.se.


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