The roads to the Development Jobs

Welcome to the workshop The Roads to Development Jobs, November 28 at 12: 30-16: 00, in Sida's premises on Valhallavägen 199, in the Auditorium. The workshop aims to provide tips, preparation and inspiration for a future job, perhaps in human rights, climate issues or peacekeeping? The list can be made long on various issues you can work on in global sustainable development. The workshop is open to everyone, but pre-registration is required.

Registration is open until 24/11
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12:30 FUF welcomes and tells about FUF's Internship program as a way into working life.

12:45-13:45 AIDS Capacity Development Unit (CAPDEV) comes to us to, as experts, talk about the process of applying for and getting a job in the development industry. They will tell about Sida's resource base program, give tips for CVs and personal letters and go deeper into competence-based recruitment and how such a job interview is structured.

13:45-14:00 Coffee and mingle with the speakers in the workshop

14:00-14:45 Panel discussion with four people who work in different ways with global development at four different organizations, companies and authorities.

14:45-15:00 Thanks and closing

(15: 00-16: 00 the workshop continues for FUF's participants in the trainee program)

The workshop will also be recorded and you will find a link to the film after the event here on and in ours Social Media.

More about the speakers:

Lorena Acevedo Narea - Page CAPDEV

Lorena is Program Manager / Specialist for JPO / SARC / SDP and UNV programs at Sida. This means that she maintains a dialogue with the UN agencies about their staffing needs and matches them with Sida's / Sweden's priorities for choosing services that will be financed. She is also involved in the recruitment process of people for these programs from advertising to interviews and then preparation courses before they go out. Furthermore, she is the contact person for everyone, about 150 people, who are out. She started at Sida this summer, and before that has worked at UNDP and UNDOCO's headquarters in NY for 10,5 years. Before NY, she was in Cuba for almost 3 years as a UN Coordination Officer (JPO position) and before that she worked at IDEA International here in Stockholm and had a shorter position at Sida. She has Pol Mag. And a Master of Business Administration from the School of Economics at Lund University (with economics as a major).

Carin Morin - Page CAPDEV

Carin is responsible for two of Sida's resource base programs: JPD, which is a trainee program within the EU where Sida contributes about 10 positions every two years, and BBE, which is Sida's own resource base program, where they have full employer responsibility. Her role is above all strategic; to ensure the long-term need for expertise, both at Sida and with other Swedish players. They look at needs in thematic areas as well as languages, regions, methods, etc.

The career panel

Josefin Pasanen - Association for Development Issues

Josefin is an economist with a focus on development economics. She has a bachelor's degree in politics from Uppsala University and a master's degree in development economics from the London School of Economics. She currently works as Chancellor at FUF and has a background in leadership, policy development, evaluation and analysis. Most recently, she came from the Latin America office of the Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), where she worked as head of capacity development.

Anna Magnusson – PWC

Anna Magnusson is a consultant in PwC's business area Cyber ​​Security. She has a master's degree in international security from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and a bachelor's degree in peace and conflict knowledge from Uppsala University. She has previous experience from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the International Business Council, where she has worked with development issues from a business perspective.

Enayat Adel - Swedish Afghanistan Committee

Enayat has studied development studies and international cooperation with international relations as a specialization and has a master's degree in political science. He did an internship at Sida's Afghanistan unit and then worked there for 10 months. In September 2017, he started working at the Swedish Afghanistan Committee as an association administrator.

Kristian Edqvist - Folke Bernadotte Academy

Kristian Edqvist works with intervention preparation training at FBA. He is responsible for ensuring that the staff that the authority sends out for various peace operations around the world receive the preparations they need for their assignments. He is a criminologist trained at Stockholm University and was 2013-2015 sent to the UN operation in Liberia, UNMIL, where he worked for the Corrections Advisory Unit where he built and operated an Ebola quarantine unit during the EVD epidemic. He has also worked with victims of landmines in Cambodia.

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