The roads to development jobs

Welcome to a conversation about development jobs! During the evening, four people who work in various ways with international development and rights issues will discuss how one can increase their chances of getting an international job, a trainee position or an internship after their studies. You are very welcome to listen, be inspired and ask the questions you have always wanted answers to about the jobs that contribute to sustainable and fair global development!

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In the panel:
Elin Kaikkonen, European Union

Elin is a recent law graduate with a master's degree in international human rights. She is currently a trainee at the European Economic and Social Committee (an EU advisory body representing the interests of civil society) in the Working Group on Fundamental Rights and the rule of law.

Albert Askeljung, UN Development Program - UNDP

Albert works as a Policy Specialist at the UN Development Program (UNDP) in Stockholm. He started as Project Manager at UNDP. Prior to that, he worked as a project manager at the UN. Albert has studied global development, international relations and economic history.

Yusra Imsheiel, Sida - Swedish Development Aid Authority

In 2020, Yusra joined Sida's trainee program. She is currently working at the Swedish Embassy in Rwanda. She has a degree in economics and an interdisciplinary master's degree in public administration and organization. For two years she ran an idea-driven public partnership in Lund municipality where she focused on the rights of migrants and refugees.

Enayat Adel, Swedish Afghanistan Committee

Enayat works as an association administrator at the Swedish Afghanistan Committee. He has a master's degree in political science and is a candidate in international relations. After the master's, he did an internship at Sida and then got a temporary position at SAK, where he has now worked for four years.

Plan for the evening:
17.30-18.30 panel discussion
18.30-18.35 leg stretcher
18.35-19.00 question time
The panel discussion will take place in Swedish. The discussion will be held in Swedish.
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