DARE to stand up against sexual violence

The fear of being subjected to sexual violence is something that limits the living space of women and non-binaries. The macho culture is destructive and even men suffer from it.

In order to break norms and change a deep-rooted structure, everyone in society must be helped. How do we find the courage to stand up to sexual violence? We will talk about this together with:

► Olivia Björklund Dahlgren, TAKE
Atilla Yoldas, lecturer and journalist

How did their engagement begin? When has it been hard? How do we get a culture of consent? And how can we support each other?

VÅGA is a series of conversations about how we find the courage to stand up for the most important societal issues of our time. Brought to you by Globalportalen.org & FUF - The Association for Development Issues!

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