Vaccinate against evil

War, human rights violations, exploitation of children and people living in vulnerability, environmental degradation and oppression - the symptoms of the world's horrors are many. Is evil a driving force or factor behind the horrors that humans expose each other and nature to? What if we could vaccinate away evil, like a virus? How would this happen and in such cases what would happen to the world then? 

The Association for Development Issues (FUF) and the magazine OmVärlden call you to Sweden in the world square in Visby on July 5 at 18.00 for examination and preparation of a vaccination plan when you have expressed concern about being infected evil 

Please note that the treatment may contain traces of philosophical reasoning and environmental protection, democracy talks, children's rights as well as English-speaking speakers and Arabic-sounding rock.  


  • Examining doctor: Anna Karin Hildingson Boqvist, Secretary General, Ecpat Sweden 
  • Patient: Antje Jackelén, Archbishop, Church of Sweden 
  • Consulting doctor: Isodora Wronski, senior strategist, Greenpeace 
  • Consulting doctor: Ramy Essam, musician & human rights activist
  • Conversation leader: Erik Larsson, moderator, tthe newspaper OmVärlden

Address: Sweden in the world stage, Donners place, Visby  

Time for examination: 5 July 2022, 18.00-18.50 

Are you elsewhere in Sweden or the world or do you want to participate remotely to reduce the risk of infection? Then you can surf into Sweden in the world's Youtube channel for one digital survey:  Vaccinate against evil

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