Vaccine and global injustices - An armchair talk about the distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has written together with other world leaders that "None of us are safe until everyone is safe" and has demanded that the Covid-19 vaccine should not be distributed on the basis of countries' ability to pay, but rather on the basis of public health needs. At the same time, Sweden and other rich countries have pushed ahead of the global vaccination queue when they bought up a large part of the vaccine doses. For example, some countries have purchased so many doses that they can vaccinate all residents five times over.

The Covid-19 vaccination has thus brought with it inequalities and injustices depending on where one lives in the world, which is contrary to human rights and puts humanity to the test. What are these inequalities that accompany a global pandemic when, for example, countries in the global north hoard vaccines and other countries are without? What are the injustices that are created and deepened?

With these questions as a starting point, FUF invites to discussion and conversation with Pieter-Jan van Eggermont, humanitarian adviser at MSF. We will open up for discussion about injustices linked to the unequal distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine where you will have the opportunity to ask questions. The purpose of the conversation is to talk about the problem in its entirety, turn it around and thereby highlight the injustices with an unequal distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in the world and what consequences it actually has.

The conversation is organized by FUF's event group which consists of young non-profit committed members.

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