Photo: Stefan Krasowski, Wikimedia Commons

Prospects for a world free of nuclear weapons

Today, there are over 15 nuclear weapons in the world and several nuclear weapon countries are currently renewing their arsenals. Developments have changed the security policy situation globally. It shows tendencies towards arms race, that is, competing military armaments between different nations around the world.

The development is worrying and goes against previous agreements where the nuclear weapons countries have agreed to disarm and other countries not to develop new nuclear weapons. What is the background to the development? What are the prospects for a world free of nuclear weapons?

Thomas Jonter, professor of international relations at Stockholm University and a member of the government's international law and disarmament delegation, visits the FUF armchair to discuss the future and the global ban on nuclear weapons recently adopted by the UN. Welcome to participate!

The seminar is organized by FUF's seminar group, which consists of young committed members in the Stockholm area. 

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