Challenges for indigenous peoples – from Sápmi to Latin America

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A warm welcome to a panel discussion where we dive deep into the challenges indigenous people face today.

Indigenous rights are human rights and we know that Indigenous rights are violated all over the world. At the same time, indigenous peoples are standing up and resisting, for their right to culture, history and language as well as for the right to continue to farm and use land and protect a sustainable environment.

The panel discussion will focus on the challenges indigenous people face in terms of the right to use nature and land, as well as the structural discrimination and racism that continues to pervade society. In addition, we will highlight how indigenous people resist - how do indigenous people fight for their rights? How is the resistance organized? And what will be required in the future for indigenous rights to be met?

The panel consists of people with extensive knowledge and personal experience of indigenous rights. In the panel we will meet:

Kerstin Andersson, board member of Amnesty Sápmi, grew up in Gällivare forest Sami village and author of the book Vuovddesáme – forest Sami in Flakaberg. Main focus on indigenous rights in Sápmi linked to the green transition.

Carmen Blanco Valer, teacher at Färnebo folk high school in nature's rights, feminism and global environmental justice. Former chairman of the Latin American groups. Activist within, among other things, indigenous rights, anti-racism and environmental and climate issues. Main focus on indigenous rights in Peru and belongs to the Quechua indigenous people.

Jan Bjerninger, Association for Democracy and Human Rights in Nicaragua (NicaDem). Former head of Sida's Natural Resources and Environment Department and ambassador to Nicaragua. Author of a book on Swedish aid with a chapter on aid and indigenous peoples. Focus on indigenous people in Nicaragua connected to the climate project BioClima.

Come and develop your knowledge, understanding and commitment to these issues with us!

Warm welcome

Organized by FUF's event group, which consists of young non-profit committed members. Get in touch if you have any accessibility needs we should be aware of. The event takes place at the FUF's office. The venue is half a flight of stairs down without a lift and unfortunately there is no ear loop in the venue.
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