Summer Academy 2019

The application to the Summer Academy 2019 is now closed.

Are you young and interested in the world? At the Summer Academy, you learn about sustainable global development, the Global Goals and what you, Sweden and the world can do. The summer academy is a unique opportunity for you to discuss the world with other young people!

By 2030, the world will achieve four fantastic things by 2030: Eliminating extreme poverty. Reducing inequalities and injustices in the world. To promote peace and justice. Solving the climate crisis. In 2015, the UN General Assembly hammered out 17 global goals for sustainable development and the Global Goals will become a reality for all people, in all countries. But for the goals to become a reality, everyone, everywhere, must work to make it happen - and in that work you are important! Therefore, FUF and Sida invite you to the course week Summer Academy 2019. Through lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions and exhibitions, you learn about development issues, the Global Goals, what Sweden's role is and how you can get involved locally and globally to achieve the goals. .

For who?
The Summer Academy is a meeting place for you who are 18-25 years old and are interested in societal issues and developments in the world. The summer academy is held at a basic level and is therefore aimed at you as yet not is so familiar with this - but wants to teach you!

After completing the course, you can:

  • Argue for the importance of the Global Goals and international development cooperation
  • Give examples of how you, Sweden and the world can work to achieve the Global Goals
  • Sketch out your own ideas and initiatives that can contribute to achieving the Global Goals

Read interviews with previous participants here.

Note that you must have turned 18 at the start of the course.

For those of you who already have some knowledge - and want to learn even more - we have another interesting business. For example, you can get involved in one of FUF's communication groups or go on ours seminars.

The course will be held June 25-27, 2019, you travel there June 24 and home June 28.

At Sida Partnership Forum's course yard in Härnösand. The course participants live on the course yard. Read about the course yard here.

It's free to join! We are responsible for the course cost, train travel, food and accommodation.

Registration for the Summer Academy 2019 is now closed.

In the registration, you briefly justify why you want to participate and describe your possible prior knowledge. FUF makes a selection and invites about 40 participants to the Summer Academy. Through the selection, we ensure that we invite participants who have different backgrounds and experiences. We will also prioritize participants who have little, or no, prior knowledge.

We will start reviewing the applications after May 9 and will send the first invitations during week 20.

Who arranges the Summer Academy?
The summer academy is organized by Association for Development Issues (FUF) and Sida.

FUF is a religiously and politically independent non-profit association that informs and creates debate on development issues in a global perspective. FUF also acts as a link between students, who want to work with global development issues, and the labor market.

Sida is a government agency that works on behalf of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world.


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