The SoMe group

The SoMe group stands for the Social Media group. This group has a particular focus on spreading information about the world through FUF's social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. This is to convey facts and increase knowledge about complex issues, such as human rights, the climate issue or peace and conflict. 

The SoMe group has an important role in FUF's work in creating and disseminating easily accessible facts about global development and Sweden's role in the world and in reaching out widely to FUF's followers in order to get more people to become curious about getting involved for a more just and sustainable world.

You can join SoMe from all over Sweden and the group has meetings about once a month. The group starts at the beginning of each term and then takes in new members.

What does the group do?

- determines topics that should be covered in FUF's social media channels
- writes texts and designs pictures or videos

You do not need any previous knowledge to join the SoMe group, we train you during the assignment!

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