Organizations in the network

The Network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security (GHFS) today consists of over 70 individual young people in power from almost 40 organizations and a group of strongly committed independent debaters. write to if you want to get in touch with the network.

Below you can see which organizations are part of the network:

Burma Committee
The Center Party's youth union
feminist Initiative
Independent debaters (some focus areas are EU, Säkpol, Trade union work)
The cold store
The Swedish Development Forum
The Swedish Armed Forces (Marine Corps and Air Force)
Global Challenge
Green Youth
Green Students
International Federation of Medical Students' Associations Sweden
International Women's Federation for Peace and Freedom
Islamic relief
Jewish Youth Association
Christian Peace
LSU - Swedish Youth Organizations
Conscious Consumption
Moderate students
Moderate Youth Association
The online magazine Frivärld
The online magazine Human Security
Operation 1325
Saco Student Council
Swedish National Union of Students
Swedish Peace Stockholm
Swallows Latin America
Swedish Afghanistan Committee
ACT of the Church of Sweden
Young people of the Church of Sweden
Swedish Lottery Corps
Swedish Student Union
Rubber stamp
Young Feminists
Young Media
Foreign Policy Association

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