Network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security

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Global peace and security is unstable. We are instead witnessing nationalism, fundamentalism, criminal networks and terrorism threatening our global peace and security. The network for Global Sustainable Peace and Security aims to discuss how we in Sweden can counteract this. How we can create a more peaceful, sustainable and equal world.

The solutions to global peace and security often lands in military solutions. But today's major global security challenges are not effectively met with only military components. Sustainable global development requires clearer links between preventive measures for peace, efforts to tackle insecurity and more long-term development.

By bringing together emerging leaders, advocates for global peace and activists we are creating new ideas, initiatives and are pushing the agenda for global sustainable peace and security. We do this by broadening the Swedish debate and influencing Sweden and the world to make the priorities necessary for a more peaceful and secure world.

The network has 3 aims:

  • Broaden the Swedish peace and security debate and influence politicians and relevant actors prior to the elections in 2022.
  • Creating concepts for Global Sustainable Peace and Security
  • Provide platforms for young emerging leaders, activists and advocates for global peace between the ages of 18-35 years to influence issues related to Global Sustainable Peace and Security.

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