FUF Stockholm South

FUF Stockholm Södra is a local group with just over 30 active members, and for everyone who lives in Stockholm. The association is run by committed non-profit activists who are passionate about raising the global development debate among young people and students. Do you want to join and start our association? The top! Choose which business area you are most interested in and contact us!

FUF Stockholm Södra's business areas

We have divided FUF Stockholm Södra into different business areas:

  • The event group

  • PR / Marketing group

  • The book club

  • Pod group

As a member, you can choose to join one or more working groups depending on interest and commitment (but it is not a requirement to join a group). The purpose of these groups is to focus the work and to become more productive. Each group has a team leader who plans zoom-in meetings and leads the work, but the group members then decide for themselves how many meetings you need per month.

The event group 

You who are interested in planning and implementing events can choose to join the Event Group. Examples of events can be to arrange lectures with e.g. professors or international organizations, quiz night, seminar, film screening, study visit. Or why not organize a seminar with people from across the globe?

Team leaders for this group are Klara Eklund and Johanna Jerner. 

PR / Marketing group 

You who are creative, innovative and think it is fun to find sponsors and various collaborations can be part of the PR / Marketing group. Or you who can develop creative ways to market the local association. Here, too, it is free to structure the work as you wish, together with your team leader, with the main goal of paying attention to our local association as much as possible. Maybe you want to contact different organizations for collaborations, or why not contact newspapers or schools and tell us about our local association?

Team leader for this group is Sigrid Wernersson.

The book club

You can join the book club if you are interested in reading and discussing literature related to global development issues. As a member of the book club, you get to meet others who are interested in the same issues and immerse yourself in discussions based on books that you choose together. You decide for yourself how many books you want to read and how often you want to discuss your literature.

Contact person for this club is Emma Heikkilä.

Pod group

Do you love discussing global development issues? Then you have come to the right place!
The podcast group is being started up and has formed a local podcast collaboration between the Foreign Policy Association, Stockholm (UF) and FUF's local group Stockholm Södra. The purpose of the podcast group is to discuss election issues that take place in low- and middle-income countries and pay attention to the election process that takes place within the country. "Did the election go to democracy, everyone got to vote, what was the politicians' rhetoric", are examples of questions that will be discussed during the podcast. The niche is that it is young people who ask experts how the election went. As a member of the podcast group, you have access to your very own studio where you can create and record podcasts. The podcasts will then be published on the national FUF's youtube channel, FUFplay and also on the podcast top.

Contact person for this group is Nima Nikaein.

Have you found your group? Or are you unsure? Email us! Contact person is Mona Ghasemi and you can reach her via the email address below. 

Hope to hear from you!


The board of FUF Stockholm Södra

Contact: Mona Ghasemi
Email address:
Facebook: FUF Stockholm South
Instagram: fufstockholmsödra

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