Local groups

Everywhere in Sweden, people are needed who spread knowledge about our global challenges. FUF therefore, in addition to its operations in Stockholm, has local groups in several places around the country. If you do not find one where you live, you can always start a new one!

Our local groups manage their own activities based on the interests that exist in the group.

Here you can read about the local groups that currently exist:

FUF Jönköping
FUF Lund
FUF Malmö
FUF Stockholm Södra
FUF Uppsala
FUF Växjö

FUF Gothenburg (dormant)

Start a new local group

We have previously also had local groups in Umeå, Linköping and Örebro. Is there no local group in your area? In that case, you can start a new group and contribute to knowledge about global development in more places in Sweden! Contact lokalgrupp@fuf.se

FUF's office will:

  • Be a sounding board for your ideas and activities
  • Offer you to choose from ready-made seminar packages with speakers from our network
  • Add your activities to our well-attended calendar
  • Proofread and publish your possible texts on our website
  • Invite you to our trainings and network meetings
  • Offer you places in our mentorship program

You need:

  • No previous knowledge!
  • Organize at least 3 activities per semester. Activities can be:
    - fun workshops
    - rewarding quiz nights
    - movie nights with discussion afterwards
    - interesting seminars (so-called "FUF armchairs")
    - your internal editorial meetings if you want to write articles for fuf.se
  • Be at least 2 people
  • Make sure that everyone in the local group is a member of FUF
  • Have a person in charge who handles the contact with FUF's office
  • Have a start-up meeting every semester where you write minutes
  • Report the following from your activities:
    - number of speakers and participants

Do you want to be part of starting a local group? Email lokalgrupp@fuf.se and become a member here.

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