The FUF correspondents

Are you going to live abroad and want to tell us about what you see? Then you can become a correspondent for FUF. Our correspondents help us get an insight into everyday life from all corners of the world.

Swedish media often lack stories and perspectives from different parts of the world, not least from low- and middle-income countries. Through our correspondents, we want to nuance Swedish foreign reporting through greater geographical spread and new in-depth perspectives.

As a FUF correspondent, you can write reports and interviews for our online magazine Utvecklingsmagasinet. And through the Instagram account the scam correspondents, you can use photos to tell about everyday life in your place on earth. 

What is expected of me as a FUF corre?

- You must be abroad or have just returned home.
- You should have a desire to tell about the place where you are.
- You do not need any prior knowledge, we train you during the assignment!
- You can be a correspondent for a longer period or contribute with occasional texts and pictures.
- You must be a member of FUF. Be it here!

Do you want to become a FUF correspondent? Or do you have questions? Email

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