The seminar group arranges armchair talks about Western Sahara in collaboration with the Africa Groups and Emmaus Stockholm, November 2018.

The event group

In order to increase knowledge and deepen the debate about global challenges, every year FUF organizes a series of seminars, film screenings and debates. As an active member of the event group, you get to help shape our events - from idea to finished product.

The event group has an important role in FUF's work to deepen knowledge about global development and Sweden's role in the world. By arranging seminars, film screenings and other events, the events group ensures that forgotten issues are illuminated and that current debates gain new perspectives.

The group starts at the beginning of each term and then takes in new members. Since we now work with both physical and digital tutoring, we are happy to accept non-profits from all over Sweden!

Depending on the size of the group, they organize four or more events each semester. One of the most common events is our armchair talks – a relaxed seminar concept where the group invites an exciting guest and where there is always plenty of time left for questions and discussion.

What does the event group do?

- determines the topics, layout, speakers and location for the events
- manages the contact with speakers, writes and designs the invitation, moderates, films the events, etc

You don't need any prior knowledge to join the event group, we train you during the assignment!

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