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The world needs more people who spread knowledge about global challenges - such as climate change, inequality and conflict. As a member of FUF, there are many opportunities to get involved.

Our non-profit active members are the foundation of our organization. It is through their commitment that we can increase knowledge and debate about global challenges and Sweden's role in the world.

As a member of FUF, you can choose to become a non-profit active and take on an assignment that contributes to a fairer and more sustainable world, while at the same time improving your CV and gaining a wider network. For example, you can organize seminars, join a book circle, join one of our various networks, spread facts via our social media or write articles for our digital magazine. If you live abroad, you can also become a correspondent.

Here you can get answers to some common questions about getting involved in FUF.

What experience do I need?

You do not need any prior knowledge to become active in FUF's communication groups or local groups, either on global development or on communication. If you have no previous knowledge, you will learn in the meantime. In some networks it requires a certain type of prior knowledge, but you will see it under each network.

Where are FUF's active groups?

Most of our business is in Stockholm, but we also have local groups in several cities around Sweden. If there is no one where you live, we can help you start a new local group. Email if you want to know more.

When can I start?

At the beginning of each semester (September and January), new members are welcome to join our communication groups. As a newcomer, you will then receive an introduction to FUF and the work in the groups. You will then register for our Info Meeting, where you will receive more information on how to apply to our groups.

What groups and networks can I get involved in?

The editorial staff (Stockholm) - writes articles for our digital magazine and covers the debate on global issues.

The FUF correspondents (The World) - reports on global challenges from the part of the world where they live.

The event group (Stockholm) - organizes seminars, film screenings etc. on their own themes.

The SoMe group (Stockholm) - disseminates information about the world via our social media channels.

The book club (Stockholm) - reads, discusses and writes reviews of books about global challenges.

Local groups (currently in Lund, Malmö, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Stockholm Södra, Uppsala and Umeå) - organizes seminars and writes articles based on the interests in the group.

Young Professionals network (Stockholm) - a forum where young people who work professionally with global development issues / international cooperation can get involved.

If you have your own ideas on how you would like to get involved, you can also start a new group. It is our active members who control what we do.

What do I get back?

In addition to gaining friends, contacts and new knowledge, as an active member of FUF you also have access to a range of activities and training. Here are some examples of the benefits that are available to you who have a non-profit assignment:

- Courses in communication and journalistic writing

- Education on global development issues

- An own mentor who works (or has worked) with global development

- Study visits to organizations and authorities that work with global development

- Participate in Almedalen Week, MR days, the Book Fair and similar events

- Exchange experiences with others in the same seat as you

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