Get involved!

Interested in sustainable development and international cooperation? Become a member of FUF and gain experience, knowledge and contacts!

As an active member of FUF, you will get training and practical work experience by working with communication with a focus on global sustainable development. At the same time, you will expand your network and get to know other committed young adults as well as experts with experience in the development field.

How can I get involved in FUF?

There are many different ways in which you can get involved in FUF, depending on where you live, how much spare time you have and what your interests are.  

Do you live in Stockholm? Here you can become part of our communication groups. These groups arrange events, write for our magazine, analyze the Swedish debate on sustainable development and produce podcasts. The groups’ work is divided into two semesters: one spring semester, starting in late January and one autumn semester, starting in September every year.  The working language of the communication groups is Swedish. Read more about our communication groups here.

Do you live abroad? Become a correspondent by writing about your experiences here on and post on our Instagram FUFkorrespondenterna.

Write to if you want to know more about how to get involved and make sure to become a member here!

Local groups

Do you live somewhere else in Sweden? We have local groups in Lund, Göteborg, Jönköping, Uppsala, Linköping, Örebro and Umeå. Read more about our local groups here (page in Swedish). Many of our local groups work in both English and Swedish.

FUF Göteborg

Contact: Elin Haglund,

FUF Jönköping

Contact: Ali Safari,
Facebook / Instagram

FUF Linköping

Contact: Yahye Khalif,

FUF Lund

FUF Lund is one of the largest local groups of the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) and has lately established itself as a major player in Lund’s associational life. The organisation has around 30 active members, split relatively evenly between Swedish and international students, and operates entirely in English. The organisation has three major pillars. The magazine group, which writes and edits FUF Magazine, the event group, which organises seminars, movie screenings and panel debates, and the podcast group. Wanna know more? Reach out through our Facebook page, FUF Lund, or send us an email!

Contact: Carlos Ranero,

FUF Umeå

Contact: Mikal Eyob, 

FUF Uppsala

Contact: Pauline af Ekenstam,
Facebook / Instagram

FUF Örebro

Contact: Alnada,
Facebook / Instagram

FUF Malmö

Contact: Tiba Awni,