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Trafficking, prostitution and porn - how are they related?

Trafficking occurs in all countries, both within and across national borders. What is usually called the slavery of our time, usually means that vulnerable people are taken to rich countries and exploited in various ways. Trafficking in human beings is today one of the world's largest criminal activities. It has an annual turnover of several hundred billion kronor, of which a large proportion is directly linked to the sex trade.

What consequences does human trafficking have for gender equality and human rights? How is trafficking related to prostitution and pornography? And how does Sweden, nationally and internationally, work to counteract the sex trade?

Per-Anders Sunesson is Sweden's ambassador against human trafficking and prostitution. As an ambassador, he works, among other things, to push for international work to combat human trafficking and to contribute to girls' and women's vulnerability being given special attention. Per-Anders visits FUF for a conversation about trafficking, prostitution and porn. Welcome to listen and ask your questions!

The seminar is organized by FUF's event group which consists of young non-profit committed members in the Stockholm area. Please note that lokalen is half a flight of stairs down without a lift and that the seminar is held in Swedish. 

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