The Climate Change and Security - Nexus

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) in cooperation with the Swedish Defense University invites you to a seminar addressing climate change and security. Linkages between climate change and security are complex. Climate change is often understood as a “threat multiplier” for security concerns, such as social conflict and economic inequality. It is not only posing a threat to the future, but is already an existing risk for many communities. For example, climate related resource scarcity, such as lack of water, combined with inequality and shifting demographics provide fertile grounds for conflict. Numerous governments and institutions such as the UN and NATO have recognized climate impacts on human security, but has this knowledge been translated into practice? Our high-level panel will explore the links between climate change and security, and give their views whether and how policy-makers and militaries are ready to anticipate the climate change-security nexus. Panel: Stephen Cheney, Brigadier General and CEO of the American Security Project (ASP), Linnea Engström, Member of European Parliament, Greens. Vice chair of the fisheries committee, member of environment and gender equality committee and Robert Egnell, Professor of Leadership and Head of the department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, the Swedish Defense University. Moderator: Gunilla Reischl, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Global Politics and Security Program, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

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Published: May 31, 2018