The Bitter Truth About Chocolate

For much of the world, chocolate is pure pleasure. But the long journey from bean to bar is often packed with misery. Can the start-up company Tony's Chocolonely turn the tide?
Join us for our Online Quiz and Seminar Discussion on the 25th of March!
The documentary "Bitter Chocolate" captures the reality behind the chocolate we consume. Whereas the taste of chocolate is sweet, the reality portrayed in the documentary is not. Among the forerunners in this issue is the company Tony's Chocolonely. With the purpose of eradicating slavery from the global chocolate industry, the company was founded 15 years ago. In 2019 the documentary “Bitter Chocolate” was aired, providing the chocolate consumer the bitter truth about the chocolate we buy including the role played by various influential chocolate producers in the world.
Before the seminar, we encourage you to watch the documentary "Bitter Chocolate". You can find it on Netflix within the documentary series "Rotten", season 2, episode 5. Contact if you do not have access to Netflix.
During the online seminar discussion we will first have a fun quiz on the topic and then open up for vibrant discussions about the documentary. In addition to some already prepared discussion points, we are interested in taking part in how you as a consumer respond to the information presented in the documentary. The winner of the quiz will receive a nice prize after the event!
Make sure to register via the link below no later than 24th of March in order to get the Zoom link prior to the event.
We look forward to seeing you all!
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