Promoting human rights in Zimbabwe

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute promotes research and education in human rights and international humanitarian law.

Of: Linnea Boström

Zimbabwe is a country with great challenges when it comes to human rights. The Raoul Wallenberg Institute, which has just opened an office in the capital Harare, is accepting the challenges. Mikael Johansson, head of the Zimbabwe office, talks about the institute's work in the country:
- It is about building for the future, he says.

April 13, 2021, Interview

Taboos around menstruation hinder development and gender equality

Girls holding a menstrual cup

Lack of good menstrual protection - like menstrual cups - means that many girls in Zimbabwe stay home from school when they are menstruating. Photo: Annika Liwendahl

Of: Angelica Broman and Annika Liwendahl

“When I had to go to the toilet at school, I waited until everyone had left the classroom. Then I stood up and checked for spots you know, the situation was just so uncomfortable ". It is one of the participants in a study on how menstruation affects girls' ability to participate in school education in Zimbabwe as […]

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May 13, 2020, Guest chronicle

Digital Activists Speaking Truth To Power

Zimbabweans from all walks of life in a solidarity march calling for President Robert Mugabe to step down in November 2017. Photo: Zimbabwean-Eyes, Flickr.

Of: FUF Lund

Shutting down the internet is one of the ways used by most governments across the African continent to silence opposing voices. However, citizens continue to use the internet to create awareness, organize and plan marches within and outside their countries. They have also come up with innovative ways of bypassing the shut-down.

March 5, 2019, Paper, English, Shops