LGBTQ-certify all Swedish aid organizations

Of: Tobias Petersson

The Swedish LGBTQ movement and the government are on their toes about LGBTQ issues in development aid policy. Sweden provides aid to homophobic countries and through the recognition of Palestine, homophobic forces were recognized. In order to send the right signals, Sweden must include LGBTQ rights in each recipient country's performance strategy. In addition, all Swedish aid organizations should be LGBTQ-certified, writes Tobias Petersson who is an LGBTQ activist and writer with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

August 3, 2015, Debate

Wrong focus when we set the road construction towards new schools

Of: Annie Sturinge (f. Sturesson)

Build roads and hydropower plants or raise teachers' salaries and invest more money in healthcare? In Uganda, the government and donors have different views on what to prioritize. But the debate about priorities and budget shares risks missing the real core question - how the state should implement its budget, writes Annie Sturesson who works at the Ministry of Finance in Uganda.

June 1, 2015, Debate