New development goals after 2015 - where do we start?

Of: Måns Nilsson

Within the UN, work is underway to develop new sustainability goals and the new goals that will replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. To avoid the recurrence of previous negotiation failures, there must be a common and long-term development perspective with a clear agenda in addition to poverty reduction, writes Måns Nilsson, SEI Research Director

January 8, 2013, Debate

Book Review - "A New Diplomacy for Sustainable Development: The Challenge of Global Change"

Of: Inge Gerremo

Bo Kjellén was for many years an environmental ambassador for Sweden and made important contributions in the international environmental negotiations, not least in connection with the Rio Conference in 1992. After retiring, he wrote the book A New Diplomacy for Sustainable Development, about his experiences and views on it. international negotiation work. The book is now more relevant than ever to understand the multilateral negotiating game on environmental issues, says Inge Gerremo

December 26, 2012, Debate

Invest in young people to reduce maternal mortality

Of: Anna Hägg-Sjöquist

As part of the worldwide project Why Poverty , SVT broadcasts a series of documentaries about poverty in the world. The aim is to initiate a global conversation on the issue of poverty and the first film undeniably raises questions: How come complications in pregnancy and childbirth are still the most common cause of death among young women in developing countries? More resources for maternity care are of the utmost importance. But if we are to reduce maternal mortality, girls and women must be given the power to decide for themselves if and when they want to become pregnant. It requires a change in society's attitudes that extends far beyond the walls of the delivery room, writes Plan Sweden's Secretary General Anna Hägg-Sjöquist.

November 25, 2012, Debate