New service makes it easier to set requirements for sustainability in public procurement

Easier to set requirements in the procurement of clothing with a new service. Photo: Rab Lawrence, Flickr.

Of: Josephine Hagby

Through public procurement, it is possible to set requirements for sustainable business. But with today's complex supply chain, it is difficult to know when requirements should be set. But now the Procurement Authority has developed a service with the aim of simplifying and clarifying where in the ranks risks are.

May 6, 2021, News

Reply: Development efficiency and business collaboration go together

Of: Ulrika Modéer

Business collaboration in development assistance is about taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and resources that the business community has at its disposal and to catalyze more, better and faster change. Penny Davies, Diakonia, is concerned that important principles for aid effectiveness will be thwarted when the OCED DAC now reviews which private sector instruments should be counted as aid. Sweden is working with full force to prevent this from happening, writes State Secretary Ulrika Modéer.

April 3, 2017, Debate