The CNN effect leaves Beledweyne to his fate

Flooded street in Beledweyne in Somalia.

The severe floods in Beledweyne, Somalia, have affected up to 500 people. Photo: Tobin Jones / AMISOM

Of: Nagaad Kadir Abdimaxmud

There are numerous civil wars, revolutions and natural disasters around the world. Many of these events have received media attention. What happens to the disasters that go unnoticed? Are those people left to their own fate? It is often said that media reporting is affected by the CNN effect. Nicklas Håkansson who researches political communication and journalism at the University of Gothenburg […]

December 5, 2019, Chronicle

Cable TV in Somalia will contribute to the global goals

Collaborations between companies and aid actors are an important part of the global goals for sustainable development. The Somali company Horyaal cable TV collaborates with the Swedish organization Forum Syd.

Of: Erica Fahlström

Partnerships between companies and aid actors are a prerequisite for achieving the global goals. But how should poverty reduction, peace and climate issues be part of for-profit companies? Wilo Abdulle, who is participating in Almedalen Week this year, talks about how her company Horyaal cable TV works with the global goals in Somalia.

July 2, 2019, Report