General welfare - not just for Swedes

Of: Erik Lysén and Gunnel Axelsson Nycander

General welfare systems reduce poverty more effectively than support targeted specifically at those living in poverty. Sweden has great opportunities to share experiences about why and how general systems can be built. Unfortunately, we do not take advantage of that, the report shows "Not just for Swedes - on general welfare as a goal in Sweden's development cooperation" which the Church of Sweden presents today.

May 7, 2015, Debate

Swedish development assistance is 'elderly blind'

Of: Day of Honor

The Government and the Association for Development Issues, FUF, do something together when they in the budget bill resp. The latest FUF magazine highlights world population growth and other demographic issues. Unfortunately, both miss the most dramatic demographic change that is taking place and increasing in the world today, namely that the elderly (60+) constitute the fastest growing population group.

November 15, 2012, Debate