Smart prioritization can help us reach Agenda 2030

Photo: SuSanA Secretariat, Wikimedia Commons

Of: Annie Sturesson et al.

Governments and aid organizations are facing difficult considerations about how resources should be distributed, not least in light of the 169 sub-goals in Agenda 2030. But by analyzing how the goals affect each other, they can prioritize smarter - to the benefit of the whole, write Annie Sturesson and Nina Weitz, researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute.

May 22, 2018, Debate

We can not do everything everywhere

Of: Rune Jansen Hagen

For aid to be effective, donors must choose and prioritize what they want to invest in. During the last decade, both Sweden and Norway have tried to reduce the number of countries receiving their aid. Now, however, it seems to be going in the other direction. Rapid political changes risk diluting development aid, writes researcher Rune Jansen Hagen.

March 13, 2018, Debate