Religious actors are important in creating peace and development

Priest gives communion

Confidence in religious leaders is in many contexts significantly higher than in politicians and decision-makers, the debaters write.

Of: Amanda Björksell, Jakob Schwarz and Veronica Pålsson

Religious actors are of great importance to people around the world - and therefore also in the work with the global goals. To work for peace between people, to serve one's neighbor and to safeguard creation is a foundation in world religions. As active in the Church of Sweden's Youth and the Church of Sweden, we see no contradiction in a development cooperation that is both faith- and rights-based.

November 19, 2019, Debate

Faith and hope - driving forces for changing masculinity

Photo: phere

Of: Niclas Lindgren et al.

Men's power and norms around masculinity and violence must be questioned. In a world where religion plays a major role in people's life choices and behaviors, a theology that contributes to a changed masculinity is therefore needed. If we work together with the global church movement, the opportunities for change increase in depth, write representatives of the Pentecostal Mission's development cooperation, PMU.

June 27, 2018, Debate

Elections in India: Sweden must safeguard the human rights of minorities

Of: Eva Christina Nilsson and Yasri Khan

This week marks the end of the general election in India's largest democracy in India. With its 1,2 billion inhabitants, the country is home to people who belong to the major religions of the world. There is a tradition of religious tolerance, but the expected success of the Hindu nationalist party BJP is causing concern among the country's religious minorities. The Swedish government must be vigilant about what a change of government can mean. At the same time as Sweden has ended its bilateral aid to India, problems remain and in the continued contacts, the government must stand up for human rights. It is written by Eva Christina Nilsson and Yasri Khan

May 12, 2014, Debate