Give Africa time and space to develop

Of: Göran Hyden

During the African-American summit "US-Africa Leaders Summit", Anders Borg will discuss how development-promoting institutions in Africa can be promoted. In these discussions, it is often overlooked that democracy and development rarely go hand in hand. That democracy and human rights should be prerequisites for development is more an expression of wishful thinking than objectivity. It writes Göran Hydén, professor emeritus of political science and African connoisseur.

August 6, 2014, Debate

The government's new development aid policy lacks analysis and visions

Of: Alexander Gabelic, Ann Svensén, Annica Sohlström, Gabi Björsson, Jens Orback and Kristina Henschen

The Government's development assistance platform has too serious shortcomings in order to function as intended as the Swedish development aid policy's overall governing document. It lacks analysis of the world around us and visions of how to achieve a fair and sustainable world. It is serious, say Gabi Björsson, Aleksander Gabelic, Kristina Henschen, Jens Orback, Annica Sohlström and Ann Svensén.

June 9, 2014, Debate

Smart economy is equal and green

Of: Linnéa Engström

The climate issue and the fight for gender equality are intimately linked. With today's economic thinking, both are seen as a negative cost that hinders growth. Something as basic as clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment for our children should be considered as basic rules of the game for our market economy. But this is where our current economic system went wrong and now we are here with the result and facing an economic, ecological and social catastrophe. That is the opinion of Linnéa Engström, candidate for the European Parliament for the Green Party.

May 15, 2014, Debate

The government's aid policy platform: Unserious all the way

Of: Petra Flaum

In its change in development aid policy, the government applies frivolous methods that do not befit Swedish democracy. The opposition contributes to legitimizing the government's methods by not pointing out the constitutionally razor-sharp differences between letters and bills, while officials do not dare to comment on the issue. It writes Petra Flaum, policy and development strategist

May 14, 2014, Debate

The XNUMX% target is a problem for state aid

Of: Karin Lange (Wohlin)

The 1965% target is a disbursement target that prevents the implementation of a responsible disbursement policy. Where is the upper limit for how much money Sida can handle? The political parties should start discussing alternatives to the 1995% target and stop the automaticity of the increase in development aid. This is what Karin Lange (Wohlin) writes, who recently compiled her experiences in the publication "Page from the inside - Memories and thoughts about aid XNUMX - XNUMX"

March 6, 2014, Debate

Sida and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should immediately support Ukraine's democratic forces

Of: Alexander Mazurkin and Henrik G Ehrenberg

Sweden can and should immediately, through Sida and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, support forward-looking parties and organizations that want to create a functioning democratic culture in Ukraine. That is the opinion of Henrik G Ehrenberg and Alexander Mazurkin at the Christian Democratic International Center.

February 26, 2014, Debate