"It's about justice across the planet"

Equality and climate were two main topics in Magdalena Andersson's Almedal speech. The picture is from her speech in 2017. Photo: News Oresund (CC BY 2.0 License)

Of: Josefine Lundh, Lovisa Novak and Sana Pirot

In a personal, Sweden-focused speech, the Social Democrats' Magdalena Andersson emphasized our common responsibility for the future. She specifically mentioned climate and gender equality as global distribution issues in need of social democratic solutions.

July 6, 2019, Analysis

"The way forward is spelled more cooperation"

Collaborations, technology and a working individual are Annie Lööf's recipes for a safe and sustainable world. Photo: Center Party

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

In her Almedal speech, the Center Party's Annie Lööf gave a gloomy picture of the world around her, with insecurity and climate change in focus. But with the help of technology, collaborations and a working individual, much can be improved, she said.

July 5, 2019, Analysis

"The Liberals must deliver what is needed to achieve the climate goals"

Nyamko Sabuni gave her first party leadership speech in Almedalen, just a few days after she was elected Liberal party leader.

Of: Alice Agneus, Marika Ploman and Sofia Brännstrom

Liberal party leader Nyamko Sabuni's premiere speech on the classic Almedalen stage focuses on integration and the trending climate theme. She emphasizes the importance of action and that the liberals should be the green political force, but mentions few concrete political proposals.

July 4, 2019, Analysis

Swedish interests in focus in the moderates' speeches

The Moderates' party leader Ulf Kristersson talked a lot about Swedish interests in his Almedal speech on Monday night. The picture is from last year's speech. Photo: Johan Wessman / News Øresund (CC BY 3.0)

Of: Josefine Lundh, Lovisa Novak and Sana Pirot

Individualism and community are the values ​​that should characterize politics, according to the moderate party leader Ulf Kristersson. His party leadership numbers were marked by Swedish interests. What Sweden has obligations to the outside world, however, was unclear.

July 2, 2019, Analysis

"Green is not just a color, it is an attitude"

The Green Party's Per Bolund was the first of the party leaders to give his speech in Almedalen. Photo: FUF

Of: Deborah Solomon, Elin Haglund and Louise Christianson

The Green Party was the first to present its party leadership in Almedalen. Biodiversity, consumer culture and extreme weather were recurring themes during the speech. Per Bolund's solution to environmental problems is based on man's ability to change - and a change with the help of the environmental party's policy.

July 1, 2019, Analysis

Sweden must sign the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Sweden is facing a choice of path: go ahead and continue to push for disarmament or passively watch when the nuclear threat increases, writes Jaime Gomez from the Feminist Initiative. Photo: Ralf Schlesener (CC BY 2.0 License).

Of: Jaime Gomez

A major nuclear war would make our planet uninhabitable for humans. Despite this, Sweden and the EU have not wanted to ratify the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We must realize that disarmament is the only way to peace and human security, writes Jaime Gomez from the Feminist Initiative.

June 7, 2019, Debate

The EU is facing a fateful choice

Voting in the EU election

Sunday's election to the European Parliament is a fateful election for democracy and human rights, writes Anna Stenvinkel on Forum Syd. Photo: Per Wilkens

Of: Anna Stenwinkel

On Sunday, the Swedish people go to the polls again. Now it's about what Europe we want and what voice the EU should have in the world. At a time when threats to democracy and human rights are increasing, the EU's role as a global player is more important than ever, writes the aid organization Forum Syd.

May 24, 2019, Debate

How can the US Secretary of State succeed in not mentioning the climate issue?

This week, the US Secretary of State said that the melting ice of the Arctic could open up for trade, among other things, where new transport routes can be made possible.

Of: Moa Zeidlitz

The EU election continues to shape the debate. But how much do our politicians really talk about the EU - in relation to how much the EU affects us? At the same time, the trade war between the United States and China is escalating, with continued ignorance on the part of the United States regarding the climate issue. Which in turn leads to a changed security situation in our world.

May 15, 2019, Current debate

"We must never forget our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world"

Photo: Aleksandr Ledogorov, Unsplash

Of: Isabella Lövin

The Green Party stands for a large and effective aid where the resources benefit the most vulnerable people. International development cooperation is vital, at the same time as the work for a sustainable world cannot and should not depend on development aid. All parts of society must deliver if we are to succeed, writes the Green Party's spokesperson Isabella Lövin.

August 20, 2018, Debate