After the floods in Pakistan: "The disaster is man-made"

33 million people in Pakistan have been affected by this year's heavy rains during the monsoon season. Image: United States Marine Corps, 2010. Source: Picryl.

Of: Sidra Amir

November is the time of year when many farmers plant wheat. Dilawar Chandio is one of many farmers in Pakistan's Sindh province who do not know if the water from this summer's devastating floods will have disappeared by then. 

November 11, 2022, Report

How do we react when the anxiety in the world increases?

Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for a dinner in Hanoi for their second summit (February 2019). Photo: Shealah

Of: Moa Zeidlitz

The Hanoi summit is canceled prematurely at the same time as India and Pakistan launch a sharp attack on each other. This means that the clouds of unrest are accumulating over the global pursuit of peace. Sweden and the EU are responding to this with both outstretched hands and armed defense.

March 6, 2019, Current debate

Private low-cost schools succeed better in development aid

Of: Henrik Sundbom

Swedish education assistance is channeled through UN agencies, which assume that private entrepreneurs are not part of the solution to poor countries' failed education systems. It is high time that the success and competence of the private and for-profit low-cost schools is recognized and managed within Swedish development assistance. That is the opinion of Henrik Sundbom, project manager for the think tank Frivärld.

November 19, 2013, Debate