The government's new development aid policy lacks analysis and visions

Of: Alexander Gabelic, Ann Svensén, Annica Sohlström, Gabi Björsson, Jens Orback and Kristina Henschen

The Government's development assistance platform has too serious shortcomings in order to function as intended as the Swedish development aid policy's overall governing document. It lacks analysis of the world around us and visions of how to achieve a fair and sustainable world. It is serious, say Gabi Björsson, Aleksander Gabelic, Kristina Henschen, Jens Orback, Annica Sohlström and Ann Svensén.

June 9, 2014, Debate

The government's aid policy platform: Unserious all the way

Of: Petra Flaum

In its change in development aid policy, the government applies frivolous methods that do not befit Swedish democracy. The opposition contributes to legitimizing the government's methods by not pointing out the constitutionally razor-sharp differences between letters and bills, while officials do not dare to comment on the issue. It writes Petra Flaum, policy and development strategist

May 14, 2014, Debate

The development aid policy platform is strongly ideologised

Of: Anders Nilsson, Gunilla Åkesson, Jonas Ewald and Kajsa Johansson

The government's development aid policy platform, which is now being consulted, is strongly ideologised and analytically deficient. That is the opinion of Jonas Ewald, Kajsa Johansson, Anders Nilsson and Gunilla Åkesson at Linnaeus University, who recently submitted their consultation response.

February 19, 2014, Debate