Private low-cost schools succeed better in development aid

Of: Henrik Sundbom

Swedish education assistance is channeled through UN agencies, which assume that private entrepreneurs are not part of the solution to poor countries' failed education systems. It is high time that the success and competence of the private and for-profit low-cost schools is recognized and managed within Swedish development assistance. That is the opinion of Henrik Sundbom, project manager for the think tank Frivärld.

November 19, 2013, Debate

Wanted: Venture capital without requirements for bonuses and profit maximization

Of: Matthias Wengelin

Safe Waters Foundation Africa has been fighting for ten years to create a financially sustainable sea rescue organization for Lake Victoria in Africa, but lacks an arena for social entrepreneurship. Mattias Wengelin, head of operations, is now calling for venture capital, preferably with a claim for repayment, but without a claim for a refund and profit maximization.

October 25, 2013, Debate