Improve transparency in arms exports and refugee costs

Of: Alina Östling

A new report from the organization Open Government Partership shows that Sweden has made great progress in terms of transparency in development assistance. At the same time, there is a lack of sufficient transparency in arms exports, refugee costs and tax-financed development assistance projects carried out by the business community, writes researcher Alina Östling.

April 14, 2016, Debate

UN Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa: The Future Decides the Contribution of the Final Document

Of: Annie Sturinge (f. Sturesson)

From 13 to 16 July, the third UN Conference on Financing for Development took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The final document of the conference, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA), has been called both a historic document and a disappointment. However, what determines AAAA's contribution to the global development agenda is not the negotiated wording of individual paragraphs. AAAA's contribution is determined by its implementation, writes Annie Sturesson who works at the Ministry of Finance in Uganda.

July 30, 2015, Debate

Africa: Time to combine aid with investment

Of: Avni Dervishi

While the EU has focused on providing support to its own crisis countries within the Union's borders, Russia and China have invested heavily in strengthening their presence on the African continent. European investments in Africa are relatively small but can be increased with the help of business assistance and by utilizing new Swedes' network of contacts, knowledge and experience. That is the opinion of Avni Dervishi, a political scientist

August 26, 2014, Debate

Smart economy is equal and green

Of: Linnéa Engström

The climate issue and the fight for gender equality are intimately linked. With today's economic thinking, both are seen as a negative cost that hinders growth. Something as basic as clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment for our children should be considered as basic rules of the game for our market economy. But this is where our current economic system went wrong and now we are here with the result and facing an economic, ecological and social catastrophe. That is the opinion of Linnéa Engström, candidate for the European Parliament for the Green Party.

May 15, 2014, Debate

Power in agriculture - a prerequisite for saturating the globe

Of: Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

At the same time as development aid means less and less to more and more countries, development aid still has a role to play in accelerating positive development. It can be about supporting projects such as "Powering Agriculture", which today presents 14 innovations for green energy in agriculture. Not all investments will pay off, but any gold nuggets can have enormous positive consequences for people in developing countries. That is the opinion of Sida's CEO Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

December 11, 2013, Debate

Time for the big companies to open up about the tax

Of: Christine Von Sydow

The fact that the majority of Sweden's 61 largest companies withhold tax information that should actually be public means that we currently do not know whether companies hinder or contribute to development and justice in the countries in which they are active. As the responsibility for fair taxation lies not only with companies, but also with the Swedish government, Sweden within the OECD and at EU level should work to make it mandatory for companies to report tax at country level and account for actual ownership. That is the opinion of Christine von Sydow, Secretary General of ActionAid

December 9, 2013, Debate