Invest in midwives to save women's lives

Of: Anders Molin, Anna Nordfjell and Ingela Wiklund

Maternal mortality remains a major problem around the world. Approximately 40 million women a year give birth to children without access to trained staff. By scaling up the Swedish model with well-trained midwives who have the main responsibility for childbirth, maternal mortality can be drastically reduced, write Ingela Wiklund and Anna Nordfjell from the Swedish Midwifery Association and Anders Molin from Sida.

June 3, 2014, Debate

The children of the world should be protected by the new Millennium Development Goals

Of: Anna Hägg-Sjöquist, Carolina Ehrnrooth, Elizabeth Stahlenius, Roland Håkansson and Véronique Lönnerblad

During the current ministerial meeting in New York, Sweden should demand that children's protection against violence and abuse be included in the new goals that will replace the millennium goals after 2015, write representatives of five Swedish children's rights organizations.

October 4, 2013, Debate