The corona virus has silenced Mexico City

Mexico City

The Croronavirus has made the vibrant giant city of Mexico City almost doomed. Photo: Bhargava Marripati / Pexels

Of: Annika Engwall

In Mexico City, "Quedate en casa" (stay at home) echoes from the speakers of the police cars circulating the city streets. Concrete facades are wallpapered with red posters with the words "Salva vidas" (save lives) in white. The city I got to know at the end of October - characterized by its kilometer-long traffic jams, nightly tacos al pastor and salsa groups in various squares […]

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June 22, 2020, FUF-correspondents

Mexican women demand change

Demonstration against the murder of Ingrid Escamilla in Mexico

The murder of Ingrid Escamilla affected many in Mexico. Photo: ProtoplasmaKid

Of: Beatrice Hugosson

Two brutal murders of women in February were the starting shot for the ongoing demonstrations in Mexico. Gender-based murder of women is a growing problem in the country. Activists are now trying to get the president, the media and society to take responsibility.

March 19, 2020, News