Egypt back on square one

Of: Per Björklund

Three years after the fall of Mubarak, violence and oppression in Egypt are worse than in decades. Yet only a small fraction of the brutal repression of the militarized state is noticed. It writes the journalist Per Björklund, who is blacklisted by the Egyptian security service.

February 11, 2014, Debate

Open letter to Aftonbladet's editor-in-chief

Of: Joachim Beijmo

As editor-in-chief, how have you reasoned about columnist Elisabet Höglund's claims that poor countries have received "billions" in aid, that Africa has "boundless poverty and misery" and that it stands still in countries that are actually moving in the right direction? Sida's communications manager Joachim Beijmo asks that question in an open letter to Aftonbladet's editor-in-chief Jan Helin.

October 22, 2013, Debate

Colonial performances live on in Swedish fundraising galas

Of: Alma Wallengren

TV viewers should be critically aware of how fundraising galas such as SVT's "Together for the Children of the World" depict poverty and the development of countries. Images of starving, helpless children are used for commercial purposes and are based on a colonial notion of the white man's burden and the superiority of the Western world. It writes Alma Wallengren, who recently wrote an essay on the subject at the University of Gothenburg

October 11, 2013, Debate