The condom - the invisible development issue

Of: Maria Andersson

By 2030, everyone will have access to contraception. The world leaders have promised that. But it is not enough to just ensure distribution and infrastructure. People must be given power and the right to decide over their own bodies. So far, more than 225 million people lack contraceptives, writes Maria Andersson, Secretary General of RFSU, the Swedish Association for Sexual Enlightenment.

October 11, 2016, Debate

Swedish arms exports - an obstacle to feminist foreign policy

Of: Gabriella Irsten

Sweden must stop patting itself on the shoulder and become more self-critical. It is time to see the problems that Swedish arms exports create, not least for women around the world. Make feminist foreign policy a reality and abolish Swedish arms exports, writes Gabriella Irsten, an expert on disarmament and security issues.

October 20, 2015, Debate

Gender equality and development assistance

Of: Anna Liljelund Hedqvist, Catherine Schmitz, Chris Coulter and Jessica Rothman

Much work remains to be done in practice to integrate gender equality work throughout Swedish development assistance. Concrete improvements can be made in the planning, implementation and follow-up of development assistance to achieve the Swedish goals of increased gender equality. Lessons must be learned but also applied in practice, write four representatives of InDevelop, who in a new thread invite to give concrete examples of successes and challenges for gender equality work in development assistance.

March 19, 2013, Debate

HPV vaccine and contraceptives in the MDG fight

Of: Nordström is different

85% of the approximately 285 women who die annually from HPV-induced cervical cancer are found in the developing countries of the world. Unsafe abortions and risky births are estimated to claim the lives of 000 and 47 women each year. Only 000-300% of women in developing countries have access to long-acting contraceptives, writes the government's ambassador for global health, Anders Nordström, due to two new, global launches of HPV vaccines and long-acting contraceptives in the work to reach MDG 000 and 1.

March 8, 2013, Debate