The women's rights movement in northern Macedonia is fighting for its rights online and offline

Photo: Canva

Of: Fredrika Gilljam Norberg

In 2020, a secret group chat was revealed in northern Macedonia where thousands of people took part in private material on women and girls without their consent. The women's rights movement in northern Macedonia has since fought for its establishment with the help of several organizations in the country.

April 13, 2021, News

Feminist perspectives on the climate crisis are needed for a fair future 

Civil society is important for driving changes in attitudes and influencing public opinion, but cannot take full responsibility. Photo: 2014 Peoples' Climate March NYC 85 by Stephen D. Melkisethian under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Of: Frida Viklund Rundgren

Women - especially in low-income countries - are hardest hit by climate change. A report from CONCORD shows the need for a rights-based strategy to strengthen the link between gender equality and sustainable development. Progress has been made through Sweden's feminist foreign policy, but increased cooperation is needed at all levels of society. 

January 18, 2021, Report

Women continue to be excluded from peace processes in Turkey

The organization Operation 1325 has produced recommendations on how Sweden can contribute to the implementation of the UN resolution on women, peace and security in Turkey. Photo: UN Women Gallery,

Of: Julia Thalin

Turkey's involvement in conflicts has escalated in the past year. At the same time, the political space for women's organization is shrinking and women continue to be excluded from peace processes. Civil society is now raising its voice for compliance with the UN resolution on women, peace and security throughout the country.

December 14, 2020, News

The pandemic leads to setbacks for the girls of the world

Plan International supported the training of 20 girls from Bohicon and Abomey to help them make 250 protective face masks. When completed, a group of youth activists from Plan International projects helped distribute them to traineeships to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Benin. Photo: Plan Sweden.

Of: Mariann Eriksson and Alexandra Pärnebjörk

For almost a year, the world has been living with the coronavirus. It is now clear that the pandemic, and the efforts being made to stop the spread of infection, are hitting different groups differently. But as in many previous crises and disasters, there is one group that is particularly vulnerable: the teenage girls. Especially when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

December 9, 2020, Debate

Maquilapolis, the right path to development in a globalized world?


Of: Edme Dominguez 

There is a documentary called Maqulapolis that tells the story of some Mexican women's daily lives. They work as maquiladora workers in Tijuana, Mexico's northwestern border with the United States. Maquiladoras means assembly plants, ie factories that assemble different products from industrial parts that come from different parts of the world. They are part of the so-called “global value […]

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December 8, 2020, Guest chronicle

Violence against women is debated

Photo: UN Women / Ryan Brown 2015.

Of: Julia Thalin

During the past week, the international day against men's violence against women has occurred. Increased exposure of women to domestic violence in the shadow of the corona pandemic has once again been raised in the debate, and several debaters are now demanding increased support both in Sweden and internationally.

December 3, 2020, Current debate

The UN's 75th anniversary is marked by global conflicts

State-based violence kills the most, says Peter Wallensteen. Photo: UCPD, Active state-based conflicts in 2019

Of: Frida Lamberth Wallensteen

More than fifty armed conflicts are currently taking place around the world, mainly in the Middle East and Africa. - The number of people who die in war has decreased, but at the same time many refugees cannot return to their home countries, says Peter Wallensteen, peace and conflict researcher.

November 25, 2020, Interview

Women's participation in peace negotiations needs to increase

Caption: Women to Women's partner organization Iraqi Women's League demonstrates for women's rights in (city) Najaf (southern Iraq). Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna

Of: Petra Tötterman Andorff

20 years ago, the pioneering resolution 1325 on women, peace and security was adopted by the UN Security Council. The resolution has led to some progress for the women of the world, but more work is needed to increase women's opportunities to participate and gain real influence in more ways in society.

November 11, 2020, Guest chronicle