Cultural expression is not a matter of course for everyone

Mehdi rajabian setar مهدی رجبیان سه تار نوازی. Jpg "by Mif.dang. CC Search.

Of: Isabelle Hed

In repressive regimes, cultural expression can have devastating consequences. Composer Mehdi Rajabian has been arrested for the third time due to the Iranian regime's disapproval of his music. Privileged countries must act on the basis of their assigned rights and freedoms for those living under tyranny and oppression.

September 25, 2020, Chronicle

Dance makes young people in Kenya grow

Developing in dance creates self-confidence and an identity. Photo: Emma Gidlund.

Of: Kajsa Litton Fredriksson

With tough home conditions, music becomes a safe zone and an opportunity to develop. At the organization Wale Wale Kenya, young people from the slums gather to dance together. Project leader Vennah Atieno talks about how creativity makes young people grow, and about society's sometimes skeptical view of dance.

May 3, 2018, FUF-correspondents

Ridiculous news reporting on support for Cuban hip-hoppers

Of: Henrik G Ehrenberg

The news that USAID has secretly given support to Cuban hip-hoppers could have been conveyed more thoughtfully by Ekot, Svergies Radio. An individual cultural effort for increased democracy may have the potential to giggle, but it is likely that the cultural worker who is prevented from having politically charged messages will hold back the giggle. It writes Henrik G Ehrenberg, KIC.

January 7, 2015, Debate

Red Cross in new report: disaster relief risks failing without insight into culture and attitudes

Of: Eva von Oelriech and Ulrika Årehed Kågström

Effective disaster prevention work is hampered by the fact that many international organizations today lack knowledge of how culture and different attitudes affect people's attitudes to risk. A more holistic and people-centered approach is required, write Eva von Oelriech and Ulrika Årehed Kågström due to a new report.

October 16, 2014, Debate