Meet the Swede who designed the global goals

Jakob Trollbäck and the global goals

Jakob Trollbäck is the one who has designed and created the communication around the global goals. Photo: Ainali and Wikimedia Commons

Of: Benjamin Hellström Blom

Communicating major UN documents to the world is no easy task. The Swedish designer Jakob Trollbäck took on the task of communicating the global goals to a broad global public. He created a grid of colors, symbols and simple words. In the podcast, Jakob Trollbäck talks about how it went when he scored the global goals […]

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October 24, 2019, FUF pods, Interview

This is how metaphors can increase confidence in aid organizations

MSF in Bangladesh

MSF often uses metaphors in its communication. It gives confidence, according to a research study by Anna Vogel. Photo: Elena Di Natale

Of: Anna Vogel

How aid organizations communicate with politicians and the public is important - both to gain trust and funding. My study of Doctors Without Borders shows that everyday metaphors are an important tool for success, writes linguist Anna Vogel.

April 23, 2019, Debate