The climate issue takes place in the debate ahead of the EU elections

Is nuclear power a solution for sustaining growth and reducing emissions? It was discussed this week between M and MP. Pixabay photo

Of: Erica Fahlström

How can the EU lead the global climate and environmental work forward? Over the past week, there has been a discussion on, among other things, growth policy versus sustainability, the relationship of climate change to public health, the loss of biodiversity and freedom of the press - and debaters have particularly emphasized the importance of prioritizing these issues in the EU.

May 8, 2019, Current debate

Nuclear power - a political game piece

Of: Sadredin Mahmoudi

You can read daily about the great climate changes and global warming that are affecting our world today. Researchers around the world agree that it is humans and our extensive overconsumption and emissions from the burning of fossil fuels that are the cause of climate change. This has led to states, companies and organizations around the world actively seeking […]

July 4, 2018, Almedalen - article