Black Friday created a debate about climate colonialism and poverty


On Black Friday, we are encouraged to consume more than usual. It has created debate on Swedish opinion pages.

Of: Rebecka Rönnegård

Is climate colonialism behind Swedes' consumption? Or is it in fact poverty that causes emissions? These are issues that have been debated in connection with Black Friday and the UN climate summit in Madrid. In addition, Sweden's military efforts in Iraq and the new EU Commission have been discussed.

December 4, 2019, Current debate

Protesters in Iraq demand peace

In recent weeks, thousands of people have demonstrated in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, Iraq. Photo: Ali Hilal

Of: Miriam Karim

In recent weeks, thousands of people have taken to the streets and demonstrated in Iraq. The people are protesting against corruption and for peace. Iraqi security forces have met with protesters with gunfire and tear gas.

November 27, 2019, News

The fall of the IS regime leads to questions of citizenship and responsibility

Swedish citizenship has been discussed this week after the fall of the IS regime. Photo Trausti Evans Flickr

Of: Susanne Bartholdsson

How should Sweden's decision - makers act towards arrested and returning Swedes who traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the IS caliphate? Deprivation of citizenship, Sweden's responsibility and security has been intensively discussed this week.

February 27, 2019, Current debate

Climate and environment - a key to sustainable peace

Fishermen in East Timor

Access to water and sanitation has been an important issue in the conflict in East Timor. Photo: Yeowatzup, Flickr.

Of: Florian Krampe and Karolina Eklöw

Although climate and environmental issues are often central to conflicts, they are often forgotten in peace processes. Examples from Colombia, East Timor and Iraq show that land, water and climate change are crucial issues for achieving lasting peace, write Karolina Eklöw and Florian Krampe from the research institute Sipri.

October 18, 2018, Debate

Sweden's military efforts and civilian aid must be linked

Of: Mikael Eriksson

The fight against militant groups such as Daesh in Iraq is closely intertwined with the conditions of the individual citizens of the country. Despite this, coordination between Sweden's military and civilian support is poor. We must increase the dialogue and stop thinking about the downside in Swedish public administration, writes researcher Mikael Eriksson.

October 19, 2017, Debate