World Cup sponsors must act for human rights

Photo:, WikimediaCommons

Of: Alice Blondel

Today is the Swedish premiere of the World Cup in Russia. Several organizations have sounded the alarm that human rights have been violated during the preparations for the championship. Companies that sponsor Sweden's participation have a responsibility to try to prevent such violations, but a new report from Swedwatch shows a gap between policy and practice. It is time for the sponsors to go from word to deed, writes Swedwatch's Chancellor Alice Blondel.

June 18, 2018, Debate

Sports projects risk losing development focus

Of: Niklas Hafen

Sport is increasingly used as a means to achieve peace and development in vulnerable parts of the world. Sport has an ability to attract many people through its popularity. But despite intentions to contribute to the fight against HIV / AIDS or peace talks, the focus instead risks ending up in competition and achievement. Maybe we place too much faith in sports' contribution to global development? It writes Niklas Hafen, PhD in sports science.

April 6, 2017, Debate