"We must never forget our vision of a peaceful and sustainable world"

Photo: Aleksandr Ledogorov, Unsplash

Of: Isabella Lövin

The Green Party stands for a large and effective aid where the resources benefit the most vulnerable people. International development cooperation is vital, at the same time as the work for a sustainable world cannot and should not depend on development aid. All parts of society must deliver if we are to succeed, writes the Green Party's spokesperson Isabella Lövin.

August 20, 2018, Debate

Assistance with a focus on the most vulnerable

Photo: Johan Wessman, News Øresund, flikr

Of: Julia Kronlid

The Sweden Democrats want to see aid with a clear focus on poverty reduction and that the best interests of the children should be at the center. In addition to general humanitarian aid, we want to invest SEK 10 billion of the aid budget in refugee aid in the immediate area of ​​various crises. It writes Member of Parliament Julia Kronlid.

June 28, 2018, Debate

Gender equality essential to eradicate hunger

Of: Kawinzi Muiu

Gender equality and the elimination of hunger are closely linked. Women and girls play a crucial role in rural development, but are hindered by structural barriers. Working with a gender perspective in conflict situations increases the effectiveness of development assistance efforts. That is why it is important to put women and gender equality at the center of humanitarian aid and development cooperation, writes Kawinzi Muiu, director of the gender department at the UN's World Food Program (WFP).

April 16, 2018, Debate

Refugee summits should focus on resettlement

Of: Melanie Ward

Today, the UN summit on migration and refugees takes place, and tomorrow the US-led summit on refugees where Sweden is a co-host. During the summits, Sweden and the EU must push for better support for the countries that receive the vast majority of the world's refugees, and for global commitments regarding resettlement to be strengthened. It writes Melanie Ward from the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

September 19, 2016, Debate

Page: We work with security on many levels

Of: Doris Attve and Peter Lundberg

In recent years, attacks on aid workers have increased dramatically around the world. To increase safety, Sida works with local experts, support for protective equipment and safer means of transport for humanitarian aid workers. But there are also problems that not even the best protective equipment in the world solves, write Peter Lundberg and Doris Attve on Sida.

May 28, 2015, Debate

Red Cross in new report: disaster relief risks failing without insight into culture and attitudes

Of: Eva von Oelriech and Ulrika Årehed Kågström

Effective disaster prevention work is hampered by the fact that many international organizations today lack knowledge of how culture and different attitudes affect people's attitudes to risk. A more holistic and people-centered approach is required, write Eva von Oelriech and Ulrika Årehed Kågström due to a new report.

October 16, 2014, Debate

Peace-promoting efforts important for the development of failing states

Of: Alexander Gabelic and Linda Nordin

Military or police forces alone cannot resolve the conflicts in countries such as Mali, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, but they do save lives and contribute to improved conditions for peace and development. That is the opinion of the Swedish UN Federation's Aleksander Gabelic and Lina Nordin.

August 5, 2014, Debate