Swedish aid - What are the consequences of the cuts?

Date and time: 30 Nov, 17:30 - 18:30

To register » During the autumn, Sweden's new government was appointed and in connection with that, focus was placed on the new budget. Aid became a symbolic issue during the negotiations and a reduction in aid was clear, 0.88% of GNI must now be spent on aid, a reduction of 1,4 billion for next year. What consequences will the reduction have [...]

November 22, 2022, Calendar, Seminars

Break the silence and stop the approaching famine in Tigray

Photo: Rod Waddington, Flickr

Of: Pierre Fruhling

Some silences can lead to disaster. The situation in Tigray in northern Ethiopia today is a dramatic example. The war in Tigray continues, the famine has probably already begun and may soon become extremely widespread. The Ethiopian government is blocking free access for humanitarian operations, and denying permits to independent journalists as well as to investigations into abuses and massacres. But to the outside world, the people in Tigray do not seem to exist.

March 4, 2021, Debate

Peaceful protests meet with violence in Nigeria

In Nigeria, major protests are taking place against the brutal police violence. Photo: Photo by Kaizenify via Wikimedia (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Of: Sanna Lindh

Protests against police violence in Nigeria have been highlighted in this week's debate and attracted worldwide attention. During the week, the Swedish government also announced its decision on an increased contribution to the UN's food program, WFP, to tackle the world's global hunger crisis.

October 28, 2020, Current debate

Complex humanitarian crisis in the world's youngest nation

Photo: https://msf.exposure.co/enduring-bentiu

Of: Linnea Boström

Two years ago, a peace agreement was signed between warring parties in South Sudan, but internal conflicts have continued since then. Two thirds of the population are in need of humanitarian aid. The country is now suffering from devastating floods that are exacerbating the situation in the country.

October 22, 2020, News

Can Sweden's aid become more effective?

save the planet

The left wants to see climate-proof cities as a measure to save the climate. Photo: Canva.com.

Of: Rine Mansouri

After the budget bill 2021 was presented, there has been extensive discussion about how Sweden's development assistance can be improved and whether the climate issue should be given more priority. Human rights in Belarus and Myanmar have also been raised during the week.

October 8, 2020, Current debate

Debaters call for Swedish leadership in humanitarian aid

Uganda Red Cross

Countries without access to clean water, soap and medicines now need support more than ever before, several debaters write. Photo: Anna Dubuis / DFID

Of: Rebecka Rönnegård

The Corona pandemic makes it more important than ever that Sweden acts as a humanitarian superpower. That was the message on several opinion pages a week. At the same time, a debater pointed out that we must not forget other news, such as that Saab continues to sell weapons to the Yemeni war.

April 16, 2020, Current debate

FUF award ceremony with Helena Samsioe

FUF Prize winner 2019 Helena Samsioe

Date and time: 22 Oct, 17:30 - 18:00

After advancing the meeting, it will finally be time to invite you to meet Helena Samsioe, also known as the drone queen, digitally, when she receives the annual FUF award 2019. Helena will also talk about her journey to create a better world with the help of drones, where we get to follow everything from southern Africa […]

February 26, 2020, Calendar, Seminars, Webcast

Turkey: a new humanitarian superpower?

The majority of Turkey's aid goes to Syria. Here, flour bags are loaded for Syrian refugees at the border between the countries. Photo: Lynsey Addario, Flickr

Of: Jakob Öberg

Turkey was the world's sixth largest donor in 2017. Taking into account the country's GDP, Turkey provides the fourth largest aid in the world. According to Turkish professor Meliha Benli Altunışık, Turkey has become a great humanitarian power. The major shift in Turkey's aid policy took place in 2012, when the aid budget doubled. The budget has since continued to increase year after year. Several researchers have […]

December 18, 2019, FUF-correspondents

Abolish aid for reform work in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The flags are waving outside Parliament in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The flags are waving outside Parliament in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The corruption among the country's politicians is great. Photo: Jennifer Boyer (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Andreas Celan

Sweden provides SEK 150 million in aid every year to bring Bosnia & Herzegovina closer to EU accession. There's money in the lake. The money should instead go to poverty reduction - directly to the people, writes Andreas Celan in the Moderate Youth Association.

March 1, 2019, Debate

The Rohingya crisis requires a special focus on women and girls

Photo: DFID - UK Department for International Development, Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Of: Dereje Wordofa

Since August 2017, hundreds of thousands of people from the Rohingya ethnic group in Myanmar have been forced to flee to Bangladesh. The lack of sexual and reproductive health care in the refugee camps makes women and girls particularly vulnerable. Joint efforts are needed to ensure that no one is left out, writes Dereje Wordofa at the UN Population Fund, UNFPA.

August 28, 2018, Debate